Gaddafi Stadium Being Renovated For World Xi Series

The Historic Gaddafi Stadium is being given new look for hosting Three Match Series between Pakistan and the World Eleven from September 12 to 15.

Pakistan Cricket is eagerly waiting for the arrival of ICC led World XI, The Historic Tour is being labelled as the gate opener of International Cricket in Pakistan.

The essential renovation work, whitewash and paint work are being carried out for the eagerly-awaited clash.

The arena will be tastefully decorated before the lunch of the series and various enclosures of the Stadium have been cleaned and being Whitewashed and Broken Plastic Chairs are being replaced.

The ground staff is also busy on preparing the Wickets and the outfield and they have shaved the Grass of the outfield to shape it in an attractive Pattern.

The World Xi being lead by South Africa’s FAF Du Plessis are all set to arrive in Pakistan on September 11