Beach Tennis: Players Fight Heat Too As They Battled For Title

Competitors battled extreme heat and each other at the Beach Tennis World Tour on the Indian Ocean Island of reunion.

The sport is a combination of Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Badminton, played using beach Tennis paddles and a low compression tennis ball.

The tournament featured 64 teams from 16 different nations, and temperatures on the sand court were measured as high as 47 degrees celsius.

The men's final was won by Italy's Michele Capelletti and his spanish Partner Antonio Miguel Ramos Viera, who beat Frenchman Nicolas Gianotti and Mattia Spoto of Italy.

The women's final was an all Italian Affair, Giulia Gasparri and Ninny Valentini coming out on top against Sofia Cimatti and Nicole Nobile.

Beach Tennis has been part the International Tennis Federation since 2008.