PCB Board Of Governors Meeting In Lahore : BOG Approves Pkr 15 Billion 2022-23 Budget

The 69th meeting of the Pakistan Cricket Board of governors took place at the National High Performance Centre under the Chairmanship of Ramiz Raja.

The BOG approved an operational activity-based annual budget for its 2022-23 fiscal year.

The PCB has budgeted a total spend of pkr 15 billion, with approximately 78 per cent allocated for Cricket-related activities.

In addition to the operational budget, and looking ahead to the acc 50-over asia cup 2023 and the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 that will be held in Pakistan, the BOG approved an allocation of funds for the upgradation of the infrastructure and stadia, which includes floodlights, replay screens, player dressing rooms and new spectator chairs.

BOG approved separate red and white-ball players central contracts with increased retainers. Number of centrally contracted players increased from 20 to 33.

The BOG approved the creation of the Pakistan Cricket Foundation as a charitable trust.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja said that “since September 2021, the pakistan men’s cricket team has achieved an impressive 75 per cent success-rate across all formats, which is the highest amongst all the test playing nations.